Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the battery pack last?How does the UPS know the battery condition?

Most of the lead-acid batteries in our UPS system will last 5 years, Nickel-Hydride batteries and Lithium-Ion batteries will last 10 years when the surrounding temperature is 25°C/77°F according to the respective battery manufacturers. An automatic battery health check (Default is set to every 6 months) will inspect the battery discharging voltage and will beep to notify you if it detects lower voltage than the normal.

Our UPS is also programmed to notify you with a beep when the battery needs to be replaced based on the period of the time calculated and by the surrounding temperature. The default is 4.5 years with 25°C/77°F since the initial installation. The higher the temperature, the sooner you would hear beeping and vice versa.  

The beep will be triggered by whichever comes first. (For this reason, you will need to reset the battery information when you change the internal battery pack. You can find the battery reset instruction in the product manual).