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Historically, lead storage batteries have typically been used from the viewpoint of cost and availability. However, lead, the principal component of lead storage batteries, is designated a hazardous substance according to the RoHS directive, and it has become a key issue in reducing the burden on the environment.


Unlike a normal lead-acid battery uninterruptible power supply system, SANUPS A11G-Ni’s battery helps extend the uninterruptible power supply product life as a whole. More reliability for mission-critical equipment with less maintenance.



Nickel metal hydride batteries are used in hybrid cars of major automakers, and with their large and robust current charge and discharge, they are also suitable for uninterruptible power supply systems.

Furthermore, they have twice the energy density per unit volume of lead storage batteries, and about ten times the charge-discharge cycle lifetime making them suitable for longer life.

For these reasons, nickel metal hydride batteries were chosen as the energy storage source to replace lead storage batteries in the SANUPS A11G-Ni.


In order to use nickel metal hydride batteries, it is not marely a matter of replacing the lead storage batteries. To make maximum use of the be consider what sort of charging management is required.

In particular, charge/discharge management is essential, and nickel metal hydride batteries cannot be expected to last long with the charging method used for lead storage batteries. For reliable, long-term use of nickel metal hydride batteries, optimized charging technology is essential.

The ”SANUPS A11G-Ni” incorporates a dedicated design CPU and an optimal charging circuit developed jointly with Hitachi Computer Peripherals Co., Ltd., which achieves the most extended battery life of 10 years at 25℃.


A11G-Ni online uninterruptible power supply system is available in 100/105/110/120V and 200/220/230/240V.

  • 100/110/115/120V
  • 1500VA(1050W)
  • 200/220/230/240V
  • 1500VA(1050W)


Double Leak Proof

SANUPS superior double-sealed battery design prevents short circuits and important data loss.

Smooth Air Flow

SANUPS’s improved heat prevention design increases its efficiency and saves more electricity than the previous generation.

Coating Protection

SANUPS’s circuit boards are fully coated through soldering to prevent short-circuiting, caused by dust and insects. Our dust filters are also available as an option.

Auto Health Check

SANUPS periodically performs an automatic battery test for maintenance purposes and sends notifications to the host if an issue occurs.

Noise Reduction

SANUPS emits the lowest electrical noise possible preventing potential problems to the connected loads. The circuits are designed in the acoustic anechoic chamber.

Leak Proof Battery

A11G-Ni automatically checks the battery’s condition periodically and sends notifications to the host when a problem occurs. The auto health check-ups extend the battery life.

Wide Input Range

SANUPS A11G-Ni provides value to customers with a very wide input voltage window, extremely tight output voltage, and frequency regulation.

Over Current Protection

SANUPS stops excessive current when overcurrent occurs resulting in no voltage change to the utility power and related equipment.

Short Circuit Protection

SANUPS automatically disconnects the circuit in the event of the overload or short circuit, preventing damage to the network and equipment.

ROHS Compliant: Medical Industry Best

The SANUPS A11G-Ni uses components that comply with the RoHS directive, and the printed circuit board is assembled with lead-free solder. Not only is the battery lead-free, but the six hazardous substances*1 in the components are also rapidly being reduced.


MRI Medical Equipment

A magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan uses powerful magnets and radio waves to create pictures of the body. The traditional MRI is a large cylinder-shaped tube surrounded by a circular magnet. Unlike conventional x-ray and computed tomography (CT) machines, MRI machines do not utilize ionizing radiation. Instead, radiofrequency pulses re-align hydrogen atoms that naturally exist within the body. SANUPS A11G has been providing desirable power for MRI systems, and we are incredibly proud that the SANUPS A11G is supporting those who need medical treatment.


During MRI exams, a patient will be positioned on the movable examination table. Though it is painless, some patients experience uncomfortableness to remain still. Our customer’s challenge was to minimize patient’s fear or nervousness. Therefore, power conditions are crucial. For example, moving the examination table back to a safe position during a power outage is one of the most important requirements. uninterruptible power supply system need to provide backup power for a prolonged time as well as be environmentally friendly.


SANUPS A11G provides stable power and high efficiency in a small form factor with efficient power consumption. SANUPS A11G can provide 18 min of run time at 100% load while simultaneously reducing hazardous substances. All of these customer requirements were met by utilizing a nickel metal hydride battery. SANUPS A11G has been employed for more than decades in MRI systems, and all our customers still love it.

SANUPS Software


SANUPS SOFTWARE is a shutdown assistant. By installing it on the shutdown target computers, your mission-critical equipment can be safely shutdown ensuring system uptime, data integrity, and the ability to maintain business continuity. The application shutdown function even shuts down Microsoft office applications as well.

SANUPS SOFTWARE is innovative software because it also has the capability of a commander server*1 (LAN Card functionality) as well as uninterruptible power supply monitoring for today’s complicated IT infrastructure.

*1 To use the software acts as a commander, please connect commander PC to uninterruptible power supply system via serial cable.

*1 Shutdown target devices need to be powered by the same uninterruptible power supply system that the commander PC is powered by.