Applications of UPS

It is useful to consider UPS selection by the application environment the UPS system will find itself within. Here are some examples of UPS applications. Server The server stores all kinds of data, such as systems and web-based e-mails. If a power outage causes a system malfunction or data damage, the entire company could be seriously damaged. An […]

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Types Of Batteries Used In UPS

There are several types of storage batteries used in UPSs, but lead-acid batteries and lithium-ion batteries are the most common. Lead-acid batteries are also used in automobile batteries. The Initial cost of installation can be kept low, but the disadvantage is that they must be replaced in about 3 to 5 years. On the other […]

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Save Energy Cost and Product Loss with Hybrid UPS

Reduce Electricity Bill By Up To 33% SANYO DENKI’s original Hybrid UPS design automatically switches the double conversion and standby topologies according to the input power conditions. This contributes to reducing power consumption and heat dissipation. You can potentially reduce your electricity bill by up to 33% using the SANUPS E11B Series.   (*) Compared […]

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