Customized UPS



SANUPS is designed as the world’s most durable and reliable Uninterruptible Power Supply system. It has the capability to support the most demanding industrial applications.

We don’t just make Uninterruptible Power Supply systems; we also support our customer’s product realization with engineering expertise.

Service Contents

1: Hardware Customization Ruggedization

We are a leading Uninterruptible Power Supply manufacturer in several markets in Japan including the military and government with many engineering experts designing for those competitive markets. With over 90 years of patentable technology, our innovative solutions can meet the most demanding requirements.

 Click here to check our Double Conversion Inverter Unit (1kVA), (1.5kVA), (2kVA)

 2: Firmware Modification


Recent market demand requires a high level of control capability while being flexible. We dedicate our technology and resources to develop firmware that allows our customer to enhance their Uninterruptible Power Supply systems.

Our wide range of Online double conversion firmware is suitable for any kind of application, and it is compatible with a variety of batteries.

3: Safety Certification


Sanyo Denki can obtain NEMA Standards, MIL-Standards, BSMI, CE, CSA, cUL, and UL (UL1778, UL1446, UL924, UL508, UL60601) safety standards. The process involves a variety of production and quality tests to ensure your satisfaction. We also help support customers to obtain their industry’s certification of SEMI, DOT, and FDA. 

How It Works


Custom projects start with a SANYO DENKI sales person gathering data on the opportunity from the customer.  This information will then be reviewed by our engineering team who will evaluate the data to determine if the project is achievable.  If approved, rough order of magnitude (ROM) costing, as well as an estimated timeline, are provided for review by the customer.  Upon engagement, a written Scope of Work will be drafted and agreed to by both parties before moving forward with a project.

Customization and ruggedization are at a higher cost and greater lead times compared to the standard “off the shelf” product.  These cost increases come from low volume manufacturing costing as well as initial Non-Reoccurring Engineering fees (NRE).  Custom projects generally require a minimum order quantity to make them cost-effective. With Sanyo Denki’s committed custom projects, you will have a manufacturing service period on the contract.


Please contact us for the Customize Question, Ruggedize Request, Strategic Alliances, and OEM service. 


SANUPS double conversion circuit board has been used in many US traffic systems. Our innovative technology is supporting American lives by making sure traffic systems are up and running even when there is a power failure.

We will continue to contribute to the development of smart cities and aim for automated self-driving systems in the near future.

OEM Service and UL Multi-Listing

Our credo is to become partners, solve problems, and build mutual trust. SANYO DENKI Power Division offers customized and private labeled solutions for its partners. SANUPS Power systems are designed and manufactured entirely by SANYO DENKI. It has been recognized and favored by the world’s most demanding applications.

Here is an example of a customized UPS. We will help you to build your own UPS. 

Pick the Base Unit from UL listed UPS

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Pick the Base Units from Global UPS

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