A11J Online UPS


SANUPS A11J is a single unit, true online uninterruptible power supply system designed for industrial applications. Powerful and Durable uninterruptible power supply system to protect your mid-size mission-critical equipment.

Industries are becoming more mission-critical in every aspect all while demanding environmental conservation.

SANUPS A11J was designed in response to eco-friendly market needs.


A11J is made for use in America, Asia, and Europe. By using transformers on the input and output, this system can support 100V I/O and single-phase three-wire output. In consideration of the power supply quality, a double conversion system was adopted, and it achieves high efficiency while using a CVCF system that is not affected by the input voltage and frequency.

A11J is utilizing a CVCF system which is not affected by the change in input voltage and frequency. It achieves a 93% efficiency rate, while simultaneously reducing running cost, due to a three-level inverter in the DC/AC conversion circuit.



In recent years, many types of control power supplies built into servers have gained the power factor correction function of the input current. It tends to raise the load power factor. In order to handle this situation, the new model has achieved a 0.9 output power factor. It allows the new model to supply sufficient power even when there is an increasingly high input power factor.

The system can operate on normal mode when the input voltage is -20% to +15% of the nominal input voltage while supplying sufficient output capacity (Max -40% to +15%). With I/O asynchronous mode, the output of 50/60 Hz can be supplied even with an input frequency in the range of 40 Hz to 120 Hz.


A11J is using modules for the battery and the power converter resulting in high maintainability. The modules use a plug-in method, so even if a malfunction occurs during parallel redundant operations, the power module can be replaced quickly while supplying inverter power. This ensures high availability.

A11J has an operation panel which can be removed from the uninterruptible power supply and placed anywhere you desire. The Operation panel lets you configure the uninterruptible power supply settings easily and quickly.


Our experienced service engineer will support the replacement of batteries or inverters, upon request. Contact UPSweb@sanyo-denki.com anytime.

A11J online uninterruptible power supply system available in 208 V.

(Voltage can be set to 200/208/ 220/230/240)

  • 5000VA(4500W)
  • 10000VA(9000W)
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Double Leak Proof

SANUPS superior double-sealed battery design prevents short circuits and important data loss.

Smooth Air Flow

SANUPS’s improved heat prevention design increases its efficiency and saves more electricity than the previous generation.

Coating Protection

SANUPS’s circuit boards are fully coated through soldering to prevent short-circuiting, caused by dust and insects. Our dust filters are also available as an option.

Auto Health Check

SANUPS periodically performs an automatic battery test for maintenance purposes and sends notifications to the host if an issue occurs.

Noise Reduction

SANUPS emits the lowest electrical noise possible preventing potential problems to the connected loads. The circuits are designed in the acoustic anechoic chamber.

Leak Proof Battery

A11J automatically checks the battery’s condition periodically and sends notifications to the host when a problem occurs. The auto health check-ups extend the battery life.

Wide Input Range

SANUPS A11J provides value to customers with a very wide input voltage window, extremely tight output voltage, and frequency regulation.

Over Current Protection

SANUPS stops excessive current when overcurrent occurs resulting in no voltage change to the utility power and related equipment.

Short Circuit Protection

SANUPS automatically disconnects the circuit in the event of overload or the short circuit, preventing damage to the network and equipment.


SANUPS A11J uses only fortified components based on advanced design and technology. Highly reliable ISO9001/14001 certified factory, utilizing a stringent quality control method, results in SANUPS A11J achieving one of the longest product life cycles and one of the highest MTBF rates in the industry.


Electron beam Wafer defect inspection system chose SANUPS A11J

An e-beam inspection system is used to find small defects of a wafer with sensing technology of 3nm or lower. In an e-beam inspection system, the stage moves the wafer to a given location. Then, the electrons hit a small spot on the wafer. The image data is then collected on a pixel-by-pixel basis. The systems require a highly reliable power input. For this reason, SANUPS A11J was chosen to provide a reliable power supply and to maximize system performance.


This particular wafer defect inspection system was shipped and used in clean rooms all over the world. Since a wafer is a thin slice of crystalline silicon that is used in electronics, a fabrication process requires a highly reliable power input supply. The customer had experienced critical power failure with their previously used uninterruptible power supply system.


A11J is the SANUPS flagship model and it is the most stable uninterruptible power supply system in the market because it provides a continuous pure sine wave and it uses only fortified components based on advanced design and SANUPS technology. In addition, with the SANUPS A11J, the battery pack or inverter maintenance is as easy as ABC. As a result, e-beam manufacturers are able to reduce maintenance costs drastically.

SANUPS Software


SANUPS SOFTWARE is a shutdown assistant. By installing it on the shutdown target computers, your mission-critical equipment can be safely shutdown ensuring system up-time, data integrity, and the ability to maintain business continuity. The application shutdown function even shuts down Microsoft office applications as well.

SANUPS SOFTWARE is innovative software because it also has the capability of a commander server*1 (LAN Card functionality) as well as uninterruptible power supply system monitoring for today’s complicated IT infrastructure.

*1 To use the software acts as a commander, please connect commander PC to uninterruptible power supply via serial cable.

*1 Shutdown target devices need to be powered by the same uninterruptible power supply that the commander PC is powered by. 


Form Capacity Product Name Part Number Input Output Input Connection  
  5kVA A11J Online UPS Single Rack 5000VA A11J502A002TU 200V 200V I/O Terminal brock
  10kVA A11J Online UPS Single Rack 10000VA A11J103A002TU 200V 200V I/O Terminal brock


Form Capacity Product Name Part Number Input Output Input Connection  
  All A11J Rack Support Rail RM027-US