Shutdown Tools

LAN Interface Card

LAN Interface Cards allow uninterruptible power supply system a direct connection to local area networks which enable them to send shutdown commands to 50 target devices, via a network cable, even if they are redundantly configured.

Power condition, temperature, and humidity monitoring enhance capability. Status reports enable the administrator to make sound decisions, while e-mail notifications allow them to take quicker action during failure.

Multi OS, Web Telnet, and SSH support allow administrators to shut down network equipment and storage systems.

LAN Interface Card prioritizes Network Communication and uninterruptible power supply system Monitoring


Our LAN Card can shut down a variety of network-connected computers and servers (up to 50 units) including Windows, Unix, Linux, VMware ESXi, Hyper-V, Storage OS, and firmware devices.

Shutdown and restart conditions (e.g., input voltage and frequency) can be preset as desired.

Automatic Shutdown

Preset Shutdown

Automatic Restart

Wake-on-LAN (WoL)

Multi OS Support


Network connected LAN Cards work seamlessly with redundant power supply systems. Our LAN Cards can communicate with each other to give preconfigured commands for targeted client shutdown.

A preconfigured command is easy as “Minimum number of uninterruptible power supply system required” utilizing the SANUPS SOFTWARE.


LAN Cards also monitor, record, report, and notify making administration easy and efficient on uninterruptible power supply systems.

1: Input/Output power and battery status can be checked in real time.

2: View/Record UPS status and event log history (Regular intervals or Power failures).

3: Confirm UPS status and change settings remotely using a Web browser* or SSH/Telnet.

4: Monitor UPS status with an SNMP manager (RFC1628 standard UPS-MIB and Private MIB).

5: Status change notifications via e-mail (e.g., Power failures, battery replacement warnings, fault alarms, and battery test results)

6: Obtain UPS status information utilizing e-mail.

7: Event log history can be sent to a syslog server.

8: UPS test function without system downtime.

9: Supports NTP (Network Time Protocol)

10: High Security Compliance with SSL/TLS


LAN Card with environmental sensors can monitor ambient temperature and humidity. Installation and configuration are as easy as ABC.

1: Shut down can be triggered by a pre-configured temperature or humidity level.

2: Temperature and humidity statistics (e.g., daily, monthly, and yearly) can be viewed and exported with our user-friendly graphical user interface.

3: Operating temperature is -25 to 80 Celsius which is also great for the outdoors.

SANUPS Software


SANUPS SOFTWARE is a shutdown assistant. By installing it on the shutdown target computers, your mission-critical equipment can be safely shutdown ensuring system uptime, data integrity, and the ability to maintain business continuity. The application shutdown function even shuts down Microsoft office applications as well.

SANUPS SOFTWARE is innovative software because it also has the capability of a commander server (LAN Card functionality) as well as uninterruptible power supply monitoring for today’s complicated IT infrastructure.

*1 To use the software acts as a commander, please connect commander PC to uninterruptible power supply system via serial cable.

*1 Shutdown target devices need to be powered by the same uninterruptible power supply system that the commander PC is powered by. 

Software as a Shutdown Assistant 

  • Sends Shutdown Command to Communicator
  • Shares information with LAN Card
  • IPv6 Compatible
  • Environmental Sensor Compatible
  • Scheduled Operations
  • Install on Up to 50 Devices

Software as a Communicator

  • Communicates (Receives Signal) and shutdown the OS
  • Multi OS and Platforms Supported
  • Telnet & SSH for Unix/Linux
  • Shutdown Up to 50 Machines
  • Application Shutdown (MS Office)
  • Automatic Start Up (Wake-on-LAN)
  • Shutdown Test Function
  • Shutdown Redundant PSU Devices

Software as a UPS Monitor

  • Display UPS Status on Web Browsers
  • Sends E-mail Notifications
  • SNMP Agent Function (RFC1628, MIB)
  • Sound Notification at Power Failure
  • Sends Status Info upon E-mail Request

LAN Card

Form Capacity Product Name Part Number Input Output Input Connection  
  All LAN Interface Card (IPv6, Modbus TCP supported, with cover) PRLANIF022A        
  All LAN Interface Card (IPv6, Modbus TCP supported, without cover) PRLANIF023A        
  All LAN Interface Card
(Supports IPv6 and temperature/humidity sensors for environmental monitoring)
  All SANUPS Humidity Sensor PRLANSN002        
  All SANUPS Temperature Sensor PRLANSN001        


Form Capacity Product Name Part Number Input Output Input Connection  
  All SANUPS SOFTWARE 3.1.0 (1 license) PMS52A00DL      
  All SANUPS SOFTWARE 3.1.0 (10 license) PMS52A00DL-10      
  All SANUPS SOFTWARE 3.1.0 (50 license) PMS52A00DL-50      
  All SANUPS SOFTWARE 3.1.0 (100license) PMS52A00DL-100      
  All SANUPS SOFTWARE 3.1.0 (1 license) PMS53A00DL      
  All SANUPS SOFTWARE 3.1.0 (10 license) PMS53A00DL-10      
  All SANUPS SOFTWARE 3.1.0 (50 license) PMS53A00DL-50      
  All SANUPS SOFTWARE 3.1.0 (100 license) PMS53A00DL-100      

Dry Contact


Form Capacity Product Name Part Number Input Output Input Connection  
  All Dry contact interface card (Terminal block)  PRCONIF001      
  All Dry contact interface card (D-sub 15-pin) PRCONIF003      
  All Dry contact interface card (Terminal block) PRCONIF005      
  All Dry contact interface card (D-sub 15-pin) PRCONIF006      
  All Dry contact interface card (Terminal block)  PRCONIF007      
  All Dry contact interface card (D-sub 15-pin)  PRCONIF008