E11B Hybrid UPS

SANYO DENKI Sanups E11B Hybrid UPS

Our hybrid power supply system features automatic operation mode selection by the UPS. It optimizes energy usage by prioritizing efficiency when the power supply is stable. In the event of an unstable power supply, it seamlessly switches to the power supply quality priority mode, ensuring uninterrupted operation.

The E11B UPS is not only renowned for its high quality and reliability but also excels in versatility. With a wide operating temperature range, it can withstand harsh environments without compromising its performance.

It is a successor model to the E11A series. The E11B series is a versatile option for businesses with multiple locations, thanks to its wide input voltage range of 110V to 300V (*) and input frequency range of 40Hz to 120Hz. It can operate efficiently in various regions with different power supply standards, making it a reliable choice for customers with unstable power sources. Further more, the E11B UPS offer an operating environment temperature range of -10 to 55°C. This extended range ensures its usability even in the most challenging and harsh environments.

*1: The range varies depending on the load factor.

hybrid method by SANYO DENKI SANUPS

The Original Hybrid System

Our hybrid power supply system incorporates an automatic operation mode selection by the UPS. When the power supply situation is stable, it prioritizes efficiency, ensuring optimal energy usage. On the other hand, during unstable power supply situations, it switches to the power supply quality priority mode, guaranteeing uninterrupted operation. This advanced technology not only promotes energy efficiency but also proves to be cost-effective, significantly reducing electricity expenses.

A wide variety of I/O plug shapes are available for use in each country. You can select the plug shape of the country to use.

SANUPS E11B wide voltage range for maintaining battery life

Reduce The Number Of Battery Runs

One of the advantages of the E11B’s wide input voltage range is its ability to reduce the frequency of battery operation. Other products on the market may have to rely on battery power more frequently due to unstable power sources, which can shorten the lifespan of the battery. However, with the E11B, customers can expect to maintain a battery lifespan of up to five years at a surrounding temperature of 25℃, even in areas with unstable power sources.

SANYO DENKI Sanups E11B Hybrid UPS

100V Type
Rack/ Floor mounting Type

200V Type
Rack/ Floor mounting Type


Double Leak Proof

SANUPS superior double-sealed battery design prevents short circuits and important data loss.

Smooth Air Flow

SANUPS’s improved heat prevention design increases its efficiency and saves more electricity than the previous generation.

Coating Protection

SANUPS’s circuit boards are fully coated through soldering to prevent short-circuiting, caused by dusts and insects. Our dust filters are also available as an option.

Auto Health Check

SANUPS periodically performs an automatic battery test for maintenance purposes and sends notifications to the host if an issue occurs.

Frequicyble outlet

We have a variety of input plug and output outlet options available for selection, allowing the E11B to be used in various countries.

Auto select of mode method

We adopt our own hybrid power supply system. The UPS automatically selects the operation mode and operates.When the power supply situation is good, the operation mode gives priority to efficiency, and when the power supply situation is bad,it operates in the power supply quality priority mode.

Wide Input Range

E11B provides value to customers with a very wide input voltage window, extremely
tight output voltage, and frequency regulation.

Wide Input frequency

frequency can be used in a wide range of 40 to 120Hz.

Wide temperature

it can be used in an operating temperature range of-10 to 55 ℃.It can be used even in harsh environments.

SANUPS Software


SANUPS SOFTWARE is a shutdown assistant. By installing it on the shutdown target computers, your mission-critical equipment can be safely shutdown ensuring system uptime, data integrity, and the ability to maintain business continuity. The application shutdown function even shuts down Microsoft office applications as well.

SANUPS SOFTWARE is innovative software because it also has the capability of a commander server*1 (LAN Card functionality) as well as uninterruptible power supply system monitoring for today’s complicated IT infrastructure.

*1 To use the software as a commander, please connect the commander PC to the uninterruptible power supply via serial cable.

*1 Shutdown target devices need to be powered by the same uninterruptible power supply that the commander PC is powered by.


Form Capacity Product Name Part Number Input Output Input Connection  
  1kVA E11B Online UPS Rack 1000VA 100V E11B102A001AMUJ 100V 100V NEMA 5-15P  
  1.5kVA E11B Online UPS Rack 1500VA 100V E11B152A001AMUJ 100V 100V NEMA 5-15P  
  2kVA E11B Online UPS Rack 2000VA 100V E11B202A001AMUJ 100V 100V NEMA L5-20P  
  3kVA E11B Online UPS Rack 3000VA 100V E11B302A001AMUJ 100V 100V NEMA L5-30P  
  1kVA E11B Online UPS Rack 1000VA 200V E11B102A002AMUJ 208V 208V NEMA L6-20P  
  2kVA E11B Online UPS Rack 2000VA 200V E11B202A002AMUJ 208V 208V NEMA L6-30P  
  3kVA E11B Online UPS Rack 3000VA 200V E11B302A002AMUJ 208V 208V NEMA L6-30P  
Option   Vertical Stand STAND2UA00        
    Rack Support Rail