Frequently Asked Questions

About Software

Yes, SANUPS Standalone Software is free. It is a free edition with limited features and only for use with Windows OS. The standalone version does not support a network connection. To unlock the full functionality, please purchase SANUPS Software (Windows ver. & Multi-OS Ver. available).

With customer’s feedback, we developed two shutdown products. Please select either SANUPS SOFTWARE or LAN Card to shut down a connected load.


When you purchase a UPS, it comes with SANUPS STANDALONE SOFTWARE. By installing this software on an administrator’s PC and connect it to the UPS via a serial cable, you can shut down your computer when the input power experiences a problem.

If you would like to shut down more than one device, please install SANUPS SOFTWARE on the administrator’s PC, and LAN Card on the UPS to enable all the target computing devices to communicate with the UPS. Please click the link below for more details.

②LAN Card

LAN Card can shut down a connected load via Local Area Network. Even if you are a remote place, you can still log-in to the control panel and see the UPS status, change the settings, and configure shutdown sequences. LAN Card has much more functionality than the SANUPS SOFTWARE, such as temperature and humidity monitoring. Please click the link below for more details.


Our LAN Card can shut down the target device by logging in with SSH. Unlike a standard FTP connection, SSH communication encrypts all the information including passwords and ensures your security. SSH connections use a host key and a user key to establish a secure authenticated connection.

For Windows OS, though functions may be limited, you can shut down devices with password authentication only when a commercial SSH is installed in the target computer.  To configure this, please see the user guide. The user guide has multiple device shut-down information as well as SSH algorithm compatibility.


Basic Setting URL:

Supported Algorithm:

LAN Card and SANUPS SOFTWARE STANDALONE cannot be used together.  If you are using the newest LAN Card and SANUPS SOFTWARE, the software has to be later than Ver.2.0.0.

If you have purchased a different version of software over the years, please change the LAN Card operation mode set to compatibility mode.

Yes, both LAN Card and SANUPS SOFTWARE can shut down virtual servers as well as data storage devices such as NetApp if they are capable of logging-in using SSH/Telnet. In this situation, the target OS does not need SANUPS SOFTWARE installed. For more detail, please see the product page here.  

For the new LAN Card (Part Number: LANIF011B-US and LANIF013-US), you can reset it by pressing the button that is on the front side of the LAN Card for a few seconds. The reset procedure will not impact the UPS.

If you forgot the IP address you assigned to the LAN Card and cannot access it, please initialize the LAN Card. To Initialize the LAN Card, you have to log in to the LAN Card by a serial cable. After you are connected, please follow the instructions here.

Our LAN Card comes with a serial cable that you can connect your PC and the UPS. If you were to use a third party cable, please make sure to use the appropriate cable. For detailed information, please see here.



Our UPS contains internal memory to record input power status, blackout duration, power restore time, load status, and UPS trouble, etc. You can check that information from the LAN Card. The event log will display as detailed code. Please locate a code with the code list in the user manual.


Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) is an application-layer protocol used to manage and monitor network devices and their functions. Also, our LAN Card supports an SNMP agent. An SNMP agent is a network-management software module that resides on a managed device. Our LAN Card supports agents using standard MIB RFC1628 & JemaMIB, and Expanded MIB is a private MIB. By using those agents, you can stop the UPS, display status, and monitor the UPS. There is no need to change the setting because our SNMP management system can communicate with all agents mentioned above. It is easy and user-friendly.

To set up a trap destination and community etc., please use our web management tool or a terminal tool. You may also refer to the instruction manual here: