Applications of UPS

Medical application of SANYO DENKI UPS system

It is useful to consider UPS selection by the application environment the UPS system will find itself within. Here are some examples of UPS applications.


The server stores all kinds of data, such as systems and web-based e-mails. If a power outage causes a system malfunction or data damage, the entire company could be seriously damaged. An UPS is necessary to prevent such a situation.

In these years, a mechanism has been built to ensure data safety by connecting an UPS and a server via LAN. When a power outage occurs, the UPS supplies power to the server. In the event of a prolonged power outage, for example, when the battery level of the UPS drops below 50%, the server can be programmed to shut down automatically and safely. This will protect the system and data in the server.


The medical field is a typical example of the need for an UPS. Hospitals have operating rooms, intensive care units (ICU), neonatal intensive care units (NICU), and other medical rooms that are vital to human life. At these sites, there are various medical devices, including patient monitoring devices (biological information monitors). In the unlikely event of a power outage, we could lose lives that could have been saved. It is very important to continue to supply electricity with an UPS.

In addition, although it is hard to imagine, the electricity cannot be cut off at the site where medical equipment is manufactured. For instance, the entire process of manufacturing syringes is kept sterile. If the electricity is cut off at any point in its process, it will not be possible to maintain sterility. As people cannot enter the sterile space, even for the purpose of restoring electricity, the production line has to be kept running using an UPS.

Moreover, it is also important to use an UPS for vaccine cold storage and deep freezers, which must be stored at low temperatures. If the temperature inside rises due to power outage, the vaccine may deteriorate.


UPSs are also indispensable in the financial field. For example, if a bank’s core banking system stops due to power outage, not only counter transactions but also ATM and Internet banking transactions will not be possible. Furthermore, if the electricity supply in the data center were to be interrupted, all the data in the core banking system could be lost.

Thus, financial companies such as banks and securities companies have introduced UPSs. Not only so, but each UPS is installed in a different location. A system that can supply electricity in a stable manner is built, assuming even physical damage such as the destruction of some buildings by an earthquake.


You might think that UPSs are not necessary in factories and other production sites as they do not directly deal with human lives. However, there are still some sites where an UPS is necessary.

For example, a grinding machine is used at the production site. It is a tool to finely adjust in micron units all kinds of parts related to human life, such as aircraft engine parts, automobile brake discs, bearings used in motors of home appliances such as personal computers. This grinding machine is controlled by a machine, which processes the object with optimal positioning and force.

What if a power outage occurs while the grinding machine is running? A grinding machine rotating at high speed will lose the proper positioning and force for machining, and the object or the grinding machine may be damaged. In addition, the machine itself may be damaged by fragments of the broken grinding wheel. If this happens, it could result in enormous economic damage.

An UPS is also necessary when using a 3D printer. When you are working on something that takes a long time to make, you may not be able to restart your work from where you suspended. With an UPS, your work will not stop even during a power outage.

In this way, UPS can be used to prevent damage to production equipment and objects, as well as to restart the production process from the beginning. If you decide that you need an UPS after comparing the cost of an UPS with the potential damage caused by a power outage, you may consider introducing them.