Frequently Asked Questions

How do you shutdown PC?

With customer’s feedback, we developed two shutdown products. Please select either SANUPS SOFTWARE or LAN Card to shut down a connected load.


When you purchase a UPS, it comes with SANUPS STANDALONE SOFTWARE. By installing this software on an administrator’s PC and connect it to the UPS via a serial cable, you can shut down your computer when the input power experiences a problem.

If you would like to shut down more than one device, please install SANUPS SOFTWARE on the administrator’s PC, and LAN Card on the UPS to enable all the target computing devices to communicate with the UPS. Please click the link below for more details.

②LAN Card

LAN Card can shut down a connected load via Local Area Network. Even if you are a remote place, you can still log-in to the control panel and see the UPS status, change the settings, and configure shutdown sequences. LAN Card has much more functionality than the SANUPS SOFTWARE, such as temperature and humidity monitoring. Please click the link below for more details.