SANUPS A11H was designed to provide not only sustainable power but also the capability of handling large power fluctuations to achieve further stability in mission-critical equipment.

A11H uninterruptible power supply's unique features enable it to accept a wide input voltage (55V~150V) and frequency range (40Hz~120Hz) resulting in the extended battery and product life.

A11H Uninterruptible Power Supply has a wide input and frequency range that can save commercial operations and mission-critical equipment.

Wider the Range, The More Reliable

SANUPS A11H's wide input voltage & frequency range, as well as noise reduction technology, were developed for light to medium industrial devices and commercial equipment. Your device will enjoy our purest sine wave in both voltage and current.

Advanced Design & Components

SANUPS uses SANYO DENKI's original RCC circuit which extends top-specification internal components such as capacitors, transformers, and reactors for superior durability and long product life in a smaller form-factor.

Stringent production and quality control

- ISO9001, 140001, OHSAS 18001 certified

- Removed human error from production

- Flux-free production

We know uninterruptible power supply is a foundation for industrial machines and network infrastructure.

Our 90 years of experience and craftsmanship have been garnering trust from our most respected customers.


A11H True Online Uninterruptible Power Supply is available in both Tower and Rack Mount form factor.

2kVA & 3kVA tower have the long backup run time capacity up to 19min.


  • 1000VA(700W)
  • 2000VA(1400W)
  • 3000VA(2100W)


  • 1000VA(700W)
  • 1500VA(1050W)
  • 2000VA(1400W)
  • 3000VA(2100W)


Double Leak Proof

SANUPS superior double-sealed battery design prevents short circuits and important data loss.

Smooth Air Flow

SANUPS's improved heat prevention design increases its efficiency and saves more electricity than the previous generation.

Coating Protection

SANUPS’s circuit boards are fully coated through soldering to prevent short-circuiting, caused by dusts and insects. Our dust filters are also available as an option.

Auto Health Check

SANUPS periodically performs an automatic battery test for maintenance purposes and sends notifications to the host if an issue occurs.

Noise Reduction

SANUPS emits the lowest electrical noise possible preventing potential problems to the connected loads. The circuits are designed in the acoustic anechoic chamber.

Leak Proof Battery

A11H automatically checks the battery's condition periodically and sends notifications to the host when a problem occurs. The auto health check-ups extend the battery life.

Wide Input Range

A11H provides value to customers with a very wide input voltage window, extremely tight output voltage, and frequency regulation.

Over Current Protection

SANUPS stops excessive current when overcurrent occurs resulting in no voltage change to the utility power and related equipment.

Short Circuit Protection

SANUPS automatically disconnects the circuit in the event of the overload or short circuit, preventing damage to the network and equipment.


Mobile Base Station chose SANUPS A11H

A wireless telephone base station communicates with a mobile phone and connects to a landline in order to establish a call. There are thousands of base stations. They are the most crucial part of a mobile telephone provider's network infrastructure.

With the demand for more data transmission and high communication volume in modern society, A11H uninterruptible power supply system was developed and has been providing desirable power for switching facilities. We are glad that our products are supporting to maximize user experiences.


Wireless telephone base station is the heart of digital communication. Our client has been providing telecommunication service for decades. However, the market demand for more service stability is increasing throughout the country. Conventional Uninterruptible Power Supply systems are not able to meet such demand.


SANUPS A11H has a wide input voltage and frequency range. With A11H Uninterruptible Power Supply system's specification, we are able to respond to the customer's demand for stable continuous power. A wide input voltage and frequency range also help extend not only battery life, but also product life as well. This reduces maintenance and labor costs for the customer.

SANUPS Software


SANUPS SOFTWARE is a shutdown assistant. By installing it on the shutdown target computers, your mission-critical equipment can be safely shutdown ensuring system up-time, data integrity, and the ability to maintain business continuity. The application shutdown function even shuts down Microsoft office applications as well.

SANUPS SOFTWARE is innovative software because it also has the capability of a commander server*1 (LAN Card functionality) as well as UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) monitoring for today's complicated IT infrastructure.

*1 To use the software acts as a commander, please connect commander PC to Uninterruptible power supply via serial cable.

*1 Shutdown target devices need to be powered by the same uninterruptible power supply that the commander PC is powered by. 

Maximize the Backup Run Time

SANUPS A11H UPS can be configured with multiple external battery modules to meet hours of runtime demands for business-critical systems.

SANYO DENKI technology created a battery charging circuit which precisely regulates battery voltage resulting in a safe and reliable uninterruptible power supply system deployment.


Form Capacity Product Name Part Number Input Output Input Connection
1kVA A11H Online UPS Tower 1000VA A11H102A011USTWP 120V 120V NEMA5-15P
2kVA A11H Online UPS Tower 2000VA with Extra Run Time (15min) A11H202A011USTWP 120V 120V NEMA L5-20P
2kVA A11H Online UPS Tower 2000VA with Maximum Run Time (22min) A11H202A111USTWP 120V 120V NEMA L5-20P
3kVA A11H Online UPS Tower 3000VA with Extra Run Time (11min) A11H302A011USTWP 120V 120V NEMA L5-30P
3kVA A11H Online UPS Tower 3000VA with Maximum Run Time (19min) A11H302A111USTWP 120V 120V NEMA L5-30P


Form Capacity Product Name Part Number Input Output Input Connection
1kVA A11H Online UPS Rack 1000VA with Remote switch, AUX A11H102A011USP 120V 120V NEMA 5-15P
1.5kVA A11H Online UPS Rack 1500VA with Remote switch, AUX A11H152A011USP 120V 120V NEMA 5-15P
2kVA A11H Online UPS Rack 2000VA with Remote switch, AUX A11H202A011USP 120V 120V NEMA L5-20P
3kVA A11H Online UPS Rack 3000VA with Remote switch, AUX A11H302A011USP 120V 120V NEMA L5-30P

External Battery Module


Form Capacity Product Name Part Number Input Output Input Connection
3kVA Receptacle Option Box for A11H3000VA Tower 470-1000847
All Air Filter for E11A and A11H FL001
All A11H & E11A Rack Support Rail RM030-US