Save Energy Cost and Product Loss with Hybrid UPS

Reduce Electricity Bill By Up To 33%

E11B_1kVA SANYO DENKI’s original Hybrid UPS design automatically switches the double conversion and standby topologies according to the input power conditions. This contributes to reducing power consumption and heat dissipation. You can potentially reduce your electricity bill by up to 33% using the SANUPS E11B Series.


(*) Compared to our conventional models 
(*) Estimated reference cost based on California’s electricity rate

Achieves Both High-Quality Power Supply and Energy Saving

SANUPS hybrid UPS diagramWhen the input power is stable and the load power factor is high, the UPS automatically transfers to Economy (high-efficiency) mode to save energy. With Economy mode, the inverter goes on standby when the input voltage is stable, and power is supplied from a commercial power supply, helping to minimize power consumption.

Developing Eco-Products for Serious Energy-Saving

Eco product E11BSANYO DENKI has been working to maintain a level of energy-saving and waste reduction in sites since 2004. In addition to reducing environmental waste, we are also striving to develop Eco-products. We are carrying out R&D to incorporate the latest energy-saving technologies into our new products to reduce CO2 emitted during their use. 

The Hybrid UPS E11B achieved reducing CO2 emission by 55.7% compared to the predecessor line. 

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