A11J Online UPS Single Rack 10000VA

Part Number: A11J103A002TU

SANUPS A11J is a True Online UPS designed for industrial applications. Powerful and Durable Uninterruptible Power Supply to protect your mid-size mission-critical equipment. 

Industries are becoming more mission-critical in every aspect all while demanding environmental conservation. SANUPS A11J was also designed in response to eco-friendly market needs.



A11J is made for use in America, Asia, and Europe. By using transformers on the input and output, this system can support 100V I/O and single-phase three-wire output. In consideration of the power supply quality, a double conversion system was adopted, and it achieves high efficiency while using a CVCF system that is not affected by the input voltage and frequency.

A11J is utilizing a CVCF system which is not affected by a change in input voltage and frequency. It achieves a 93% efficiency rate, while simultaneously reducing running cost, due to a three-level inverter in the DC/AC conversion circuit.



In recent years, many types of control power supplies built into servers have gained the power factor correction function of the input current. This tends to raise the load power factor. In order to handle this situation, the new model has achieved a 0.9 output power factor. This allows the new model to supply sufficient power even when there is an increasingly high input power factor.

The system can operate in normal mode when the input

voltage is -20% to +15% of the nominal input voltage while supplying sufficient output capacity (Max -40% to +15%). With I/O asynchronous mode, the output of 50/60 Hz can be supplied even with an input frequency in the range of 40 Hz to 120 Hz.



A11J is using modules for the battery and the power converter resulting in high maintainability. The modules use a plug-in method, so even if a malfunction occurs during parallel redundant operations, the power module can be replaced quickly while supplying inverter power. This ensures high availability.

A11J has an operation panel which can be removed from the Uninterruptible Power Supply and placed anywhere you desire. The Operation panel lets you configure the UPS settings easily and quickly.


A11J Online UPS available in 208 V. (Voltage can be set to 200/208/ 220/230/240)

Model A11J103A002TU
Rated power capacity (apparent/active) 10kVA / 9.0kW
N+1 5kVA / 4.5kW
Rated voltage 200/208/220/230/240 V (Defolt : 200 V)
Frequency range 40 to 120 Hz
Input connection I/O Terminal brock
Voltage range 120 to 276 V (70% or less) 180 to 276V (Mmore then 70%)
Input leak current 8 mA
Rated voltage 200/208/220/230/240 V (Defolt : 200 V)
Voltage harmonic distortion 3% max. (Linear load) , 8% max. (Non-linear load)
Rated frequency 50/60 Hz
Topology True online double conversion
Wave form type Pure sine wave
Output Connection Herd Wire
Bypass Built in
Number of phases/wires Three-phase 5-wire
Output Voltage range ±2% Max.
Overload capacity 110% (1 min)
N+1 220% (1 min)
Efficiency (Maximum%) Contact us
Power Consumption 339 W
Expected product life time 10 years
Connection RS232C, EPO, Output Line Control Port, Remote Port
Acoustic noise 50 dB max.
Operating temperature 0 to 40°C
Operating humidity 20 to 90%
Operating Elevation 3000 m max.
Unit Size (HxWxD) 7.13x28.74x5.12in x2 (435x700x130mm x2)
Unit Weight 138.1lbs x2(63kg x2)
Unit Shipping Size (HxWxD) Contact us
Unit Shipping Weight Contact us
Certification UL1778, IEC62040-1(CE) EN62040-2, EN55022 ClassA FCC Part 15 Subpart B Class A

Battery Backup Run Time

What’s in the box?

  • UPS x2
  • Instruction Manual x1
  • LCD Panel Operating Manual x1
  • Power Management Software disc (Stand Alone Free Version) x1
  • Communication Cable x1
  • Floor Mounting Bracket x4
  • Support Bracket A x8
  • Support Bracket B x4
  • Cable Cover For UPS x2
  • Rack Mounting Bracket x2