D11A DC/AC inverter 1000VA with Maintenance bypass & Cabinet (Expandable to 3000VA)

Part Number: D11A102B011US-WMBPDU

SANUPS D11A Converts 48V DC input to Pure Sine Wave 120V AC Output.

Computers, IT, and communication devices that require AC power are often times forced to rely on DC power supply systems for more effective energy use.

D11A DC-AC parallel redundant inverters are designed to achieve high-reliability, high efficiency, small form factor, and easy maintenance.

*Rack Support Rails are sold separately.

D11A switches to an AC input bypass circuit keeping the connected load up and running without fail even if the main DC input power source fails. A redundant setup will bring unprecedented reliability to mission critical equipment.



Parallel operation cabinets come with 3, 5, or 6 connections. Installing an inverter in a parallel cabinet results in following redundant operation (3 = 2kVA, 5 = 4kVA, and 6 = 5kVA). Bypass power supply function is available for both parallel and stand alone inverters. D11A can supply AC power even if direct current has completely failed.



SANUPS D11A uses a simple plug-in connection. Cable-free installation and maintenance can be performed from the front of the unit actualizing hustle-free ease of use.



There are 3 types (3kVA, 5kVA, or 6kVA) of cabinets for D11A. Each type allows your capability to expand as your business grows. Also, installing an inverter on a cabinet allows parallel redundant operation to your mission critical equipment.


Model D11A102B011US-WMBPDU
Rated power capacity (apparent/active) 1.0 kVA / 1.0 kW
PDU 1 pcs
Unit 1 set (2 pcs)
Rack Handles N/A
Rated voltage 48 V
Input connection Herd Wire
Voltage range 40.5 to 57V
Max. Input current 30 A
Rated voltage 120 V
Voltage harmonic distortion 8% max.
Rated frequency 50/60 Hz
Wave form type Pure sine wave
Output Connection Herd Wire
Bypass Built in
Number of phases/wires Single-phase 2-wire
Output Voltage range ±2% Max.
Overload capacity 105%
Efficiency (Maximum%) Contact us
Power Consumption Contact us
Expected product life time 15 years
Connection RS232C, Transfer signal terminal block, Remote OFF signal terminal
Acoustic noise 55 dB max.
Operating temperature 5 to 40°C
Operating humidity 5 to 85%
Operating Elevation 3000 m max.
Unit Size (HxWxD) 18.9x17.72x1.71 x1 (480x450x43.5mm) x1
Unit Weight 17.64lbs (8kg) x1
Unit Shipping Size (HxWxD) Contact us
Unit Shipping Weight Contact us
Certification UL60950-1 (E203489) VCCI Class A, IEC62040-2, CISPR22: Class A, CISPR24: 1997 / A1: 2001 / A2: 2002 FCC Part 15 SubB Class A

What’s in the box?

  • Unit x1
  • Parallel Operation Cabinet x1
  • Instruction Manual For Unit x1
  • Instruction Manual For Cabinet x1


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