E11A Hybrid Online UPS Rack 3000VA 208V with EPO

Part Number: E11A302B012USP

SANUPS E11A is an energy efficient and a reliable Uninterruptible Power Supply using a 3-mode system. The 3 available modes are a quality priority, efficiency priority, and active filter.

The E11A Uninterruptible Power Supply automatically selects the best mode based on the power supply and the load power. There is no loss of output when switching between modes.

SANUPS E11A Hybrid-UPS is designed for today’s environment, meets the demand of reliability, functionality, and efficiency. One of the most versatile and high quality in the market.



The hybrid type SANUPS E11A automatically selects the most efficient mode of operation for any given power condition. In addition, we added new modes to reach 95% efficiency conversion.



  1. Quality Priority Mode
  2. Efficiency Priority Mode
  3. Active Filter Mode

The Uninterruptible Power Supply automatically selects the best mode based on the power supply and the load power. There is no loss of output when switching between modes.

SANUPS E11A is used many places such as airport and traffic systems, supporting our daily lives.


E11A Hybrid Rack Mount UPS available in both AC 120V and 208 V. (Voltage can be set to 100/110/115/120 or 200/208/ 220/230/240 – Rack/ Tower Convertible)

Model E11A302B012USP
Rated power capacity (apparent/active) 3 kVA / 2.1 kW
Rated voltage 208V
Frequency range 46 to 54 Hz (50Hz) 55.2 to 64.8Hz (60Hz)
Input connection NEMA L6-20P
Cord Length 6 ft
Voltage range 166.4 to 239.2 V
Rated voltage 208 V
Voltage harmonic distortion 3% max. (Linear load)
7% max. (Non-linear load)
Rated frequency 50/60 Hz
Topology Hybrid (Automatic mode change of True Double conversion, Active filter, and Economy mode)
Wave form type Pure sine wave
Output Connection IEC60320 C19x3
Bypass Built in
Number of phases/wires Single-phase 2-wire
Output Voltage range ±2% Max.
Overload capacity 105% (200ms)
Efficiency (Maximum%) Contact us
Power Consumption 110 to 460 W
Type Leak Proof Small-sized valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) battery
Included Battery Packs 1 pcs
Replacement Battery BPE11A302A00-2 Detail
Typical Recharge time (100%) 12 Hours
Expected Battery Life 5 years
Run Time (Load 100%) 5 min (Link Beliw)
External Battery Module BCE11A302A01US Detail
External Battery Module Size (HxWxD) 17.32x29.53x3.39in
External Battery Module Weight 114.64lbs (52kg)
External Battery Module Shipping Size (HxWxD) 22.83x35.04x15.35in
External Battery Module Shipping Weight 136.68lbs (62kg)
Expected product life time 7 years
Connection RS232C, EPO, Output Line Control Port, Remote Port
Acoustic noise 45 dB max.
Operating temperature 0 to 40°C
Operating humidity 20 to 90%
Operating Elevation 3000 m max.
Unit Size (HxWxD) 17.32x25.98x3.39in (440x660x86mm)
Unit Weight 81.57lbs (37kg)
Unit Shipping Size (HxWxD) 22.83x35.04x15.35in (580x890x390mm)
Unit Shipping Weight 110.23lbs (50kg)
Certification UL1778 5th edition (E226092)
FCC Part 15 Subpart B Class C

Battery Backup Run Time

What’s in the box?

  • UPS
  • Rack mounting bracket x1
  • Network cable x1
  • Input Power Cable x1
  • Power Management Software disc (Stand Alone Free Version) x1
  • Floor Mounting Bracket x2
  • Cable Clamps x4
  • Instruction Manual x1
  • User Settings Guide x1