[ LAN Card ] Remote Monitoring and Controlling

The cable TV company is checking power supply status remotely.

LAN Interface Card notifies you of power and temperature problems right away!



Outside of major cities, local cable television companies provide a variety of services that are closely tied to the region. Particularly in the event of a natural disaster, cable television plays a vital role as a source of information. Therefore, cable TV companies use UPSs as backup power for broadcast equipment so that they can continue to provide services during a disaster.


Is There a Way to Check Power Supply Status Off-Site?

At a cable TV Company H, it was time to replace their UPSs. Mr. N of Company H’s facilities management department identified the problems of their current system and concluded that they needed new UPSs.

“We house all of our main broadcast equipment and servers in a server room,” Mr. N said. “To reduce the adverse effects of heat generated by the broadcast equipment, we have air conditioners running all the time to keep the server room temperature constant. However, if the air conditioners malfunction and stop working, the server room temperature will rise and likely damage our equipment. Although we had a patrolling staff to check for problems with air conditioners, power supplies, temperature, and humidity in the server room, responding to failures in real time was difficult because the server room and many of our communication stations were unmanned.”


Is it possible to replace equipment without stopping the service?

Cable TV companies these days are engaged in the Internet service provider businesses too. Mr. N explained about his company: “In addition to television broadcasting, we also provide Internet access and other telecom services that have to be available 24/7.

We could replace the UPS batteries without stopping the power supply to loads, but that was not the case for replacing the UPS units themselves. To do maintenance work that would interrupt service, we’d have to let customers know beforehand and work out servicing schedules. We had to figure out a way to prevent common problems before they happen while reducing the amount of maintenance work.”


  • Wanted to check the power supply status off-site.
  • Wanted to avoid interrupting service when replacing UPS units.


Effects and Results

Power supply status can be monitored remotely, and anomalies can be alerted immediately. Server room temperature and humidity can be monitored. With an external bypass circuit, UPS units can be hot-swapped, allowing service to continue uninterrupted. Mr. N hit a wall while gathering information, so he talked with a SANYO DENKI sales representative about the situation.


Power Supply and Temperature Monitored Remotely! Real-Time UPS Status Alerts.

The SANYO DENKI sales rep proposed a combination of SANUPS A23C and LAN Interface Card as a tailored solution for Company H. “I was really interested in this proposal,” exclaimed Mr. N. “With SANYO DENKI’s LAN Interface Card, if any power supply problems were detected, we’d be immediately notified by email to a PC or mobile phone.

Also, power supply and battery status could be monitored in real time remotely via a network. This will really cut down on the need for sending maintenance staff to each site and save us a lot of money in labor costs.”


Server Room Temperature and Humidity Can Be Monitored.

An added bonus was that the server room environment could be monitored by combining optional temperature and humidity sensors. “We were originally planning to introduce another monitoring system to monitor the server room temperature, but it turned out that it could be remotely done just by connecting temperature and humidity sensors to the LAN Interface Card. Up to 16 sensors can be easily added by connecting them with LAN cables so we can monitor things really precisely.”


With an External Bypass Circuit, UPS Replacement Can Be Done with the Equipment Running


“The proposal of adding an external bypass circuit helped our purchase decision,” Mr. N said. “With the external bypass, the UPS could be replaced without stopping the power supply to the server. I consulted with several other companies, but only the SANYO DENKI sales rep made a proposal with a good foresight into the future. His proposal was based on a good understanding of our situation so it left me with a lot of confidence.”

In this way, Company H decided to use SANYO DENKI’s SANUPS A23C and LAN Interface Card. This enabled them to remotely monitor the power supply and temperature of each site. “We have decided to use it in a newly established unmanned station too,” Mr. N added. “I thank SANYO DENKI for making a proposal that satisfied all our requirements. I will be counting on SANYO DENKI in times of trouble in the future too.”