[ Custom UPS ] A Brain Tumor Treatment System

Annual Demand – A11J 10kVA/ 15 units Background Accurate dosage delivery is critical to the success of stereotactic radiosurgery. Unfortunately, the verification of the accuracy of treatment delivery remains a challenging problem facing the entire industry. Existing radiosurgery delivery paradigms are limited in their ability to verify the accurate delivery of radiation beams using data

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[ Custom UPS ] Semiconductor Wafer Inspection Machine

Annual Demand – A11J 5kVA & 10kVA/ 150 units Background An e-beam inspection system is used to find small defects of a wafer with sensing technology of 3nm or lower. In an e-beam inspection system, the stage moves the wafer to a given location. Then, the electrons hit a small spot on the wafer. The

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[ Custom UPS ] Rugged Traffic UPS customization Project

Annual Demand – A11H Online UPS 1kVA~2kVA/ 300 units Backup Power Supply for Traffic Signal Control System. The customer was developing the traffic signal control system including rugged UPS,  but they did not have sufficient time, human resource, and technical capability to build a Online-UPS by themselves. They were looking for a base unit that

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