[ Custom UPS ] A Brain Tumor Treatment System

Annual Demand – A11J 10kVA/ 15 units

Accurate dosage delivery is critical to the success of stereotactic radiosurgery. Unfortunately, the verification of the accuracy of treatment delivery remains a challenging problem facing the entire industry. Existing radiosurgery delivery paradigms are limited in their ability to verify the accurate delivery of radiation beams using data sampled from the beam after it has traversed the patient. Our customer addresses this issue by implementing a fully integrated treatment delivery system that utilizes a factory commissioned megavoltage (MV) imager to measure the transmitted beam. The measured intensity is then compared with an expected value to confirm that treatment is proceeding as planned. To ensure the safety of the patient during the medical treatment, the customer selected SANUP Uninterruptible Power Supply, which is FDA approved and will provide continuous power to the control panel.


UPS for the Hospital

SANUPS A11J is cleared for all required specifications including FDA’s requirements and functionality in its early matching tests and evaluations. With the SANUPS A11J, the customer developed a control panel for several countries making it easy and safe to install in the hospitals for preventative measures to avoid technical problems.


[Out Solutions]
1: Optional Power Distribution Box with NEMA Connectors

The customer shared their concerns about our Uninterruptible Power Supply’s receptacles because it has only one hard-wire cable connection causing avoidable inconveniences for the hospital maintenance people to handle. Sanyo Denki’s response to customer’s concern was developing a new optional receptacle box with plug-in and play NEMA Connection. Despite the limited physical space within the box, we developed a compact receptacle box with x2 NEMA L6-20R and x1 NEMA L6-30R. Each receptacle has a safety breaker on their circuit. Check this product Here.  

2: Minimizing the Human Error

Since the system installation and final machine build had more than a thousand component pieces, there were cases where parts went missing or missed order. This caused confusion and time-consuming labor to address the problem. To prevent similar issues from arising in the future, we preinstalled UPS peripherals, created 1 part number, and certified it to UL1778. As a result, we were able to minimize not only the human installation error, but also improved the customer’s production line.


Unexpected Benefit

We designed the receptacle box with safety single-pole breakers which separate the other circuits from the main circuit to shut the electric current. Our engineers intentionally designed it in this particular way by placing the circuits in a different phase than the main MCCB. This acts as a breaker enabling the installation of the UPS in an on-site power environment with the intermediate grounded power supply (3-phase, 4 wire)