Factory Tour for Power Systems Vol.3

In this series, we’ll take a look at how products get made at SANYO DENKI.

Here, we’ll examine the manufacturing process for UPS (uninterruptible power supply) at a Fujiyama Works, located in Ueda, Nagano Prefecture. In this third section, we will introduce the entire manufacturing process of small capacity UPSs from assembly to shipment.



4016, Fujiyama, Ueda-shi, Nagano

Property Area:

95,632 m2

Main Products:

Fans, UPSs (uninterruptible power supplies), PV inverters, servo amplifiers, stepping drivers, system controllers, etc.


Highlighted in yellow is what is covered in this page. 

1. Acceptance


2. Unloading

& Setting

3. Parts Assembly

Small Capacity UPS

A. Wire Processing


4. Final Assembly

Assembly & Wiring

5. Final Inspection



6. Shipping Preparation


B. PCB assembly

Component Mounting


Mid & Large Capacity UPS

4′. Final Assembly

Unit Assembly

Assembly & Wiring

5′. Final Inspection



6′. Shipping Preparation



Small Capacity UPS


  1. Final Assembly
■ Assembly & Wiring

An in-house developed “production guidance system” is used for making small capacity UPSs. The “production guidance system” is designed to automate work procedures. Operators assemble each unit according to the instructions on the screen.


Production guidance system assembly line/ Instructions displayed on the screen 


Parts to be used are indicated by an LED/ Tighten using the LED-indicated tool until the torque-up signal is activated then move to the next step



The “production guidance system” will throw an error if the correct components are not removed from the predetermined position. The system is designed to ensure that the error occurs in order to eliminate human errors.



  1. Final Inspection
■ Inspection & Aging

After assembly, the final inspection is performed. Based on inspection procedure sheets, units are carefully inspected to ensure they meet the characteristics (current, voltage, protection operation, etc.) of the specifications diagram.


Acceptance inspection

The battery is installed then given a test run to check its real-life functionality in a process known as aging.


Battery installation 




The inspection guidance system and automatic inspection program provide step-by-step instructions and prevent inspection mistakes. Here as well, only specially certified operations are permitted to do inspections. Aging is a vital process for detecting initial defects.



  1. Shipping Preparation
■ Packaging

Goods are packaged after inspection. The package is inspected and moved to temporary storage. Goods are shipped as directed to accommodate the customer’s desired receiving day.



Packaging complete 



More inspection is conducted after packing to check for issues with the packing condition. The package gets checked again before being sent to storage.




“With the production guidance system, we can make sure only products of unified high-quality reach the hands of our customers.”


“Our inspection procedure sheets ensure that inspection gets done properly. We only want to make products that satisfy our customers.”